: The Interactive Floatings

Jaeyoon Han, Neung Ryu, Woohun Lee

OREOREO is an interactive installation suggesting unexpected interactions with everyday objects by presenting dancing snacks floating on the water. As an audience plays the music, the snacks start to dance to the music. The audience could choose three different themes, and the snack floatings present various dances according to each theme.

Each snack floating was 3D printed using PLA and contains a magnet inside. Under the tub, We placed four controlling units to remotely manipulate each floating via magnetic force. Each controlling unit consists of one rotational servo and a customized linear motor (hacked to operate like a servo), enabling movement in the circular sector. We also implemented software to record and modify the floatings' movement to generate dance routines.

This work was done in collaboration with another peer and advice by professor Woohun Lee, as part of a Media Interaction Design class of KAIST. We showcased the completed work at the Creative Award section of the HCI Korea 2020 conference. In this project, I was responsible for mechanism design and production, and software development.