I am a human-computer interaction researcher who recently received a master's degree in the MAKinteract Lab, KAIST, under the advisement of Prof. Andrea Bianchi. Through the research, I aim to suggest novel interaction techniques to users and show values and attractive scenarios that can be achieved with the techniques. My research interest lies in haptics, virtual reality, wearable, and personal fabrication.

Previously, I got my B.S in Mechanical Engineering at Seoul National University in Korea. In addition, I had professional experience as a mechanical engineer/designer in Samsung Electronics.

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GamesBond: Bimanual Haptic Illusion of Physically Connected Objects for Immersive VR Using Grip Deformation (CHI 2021)

🎖Honorable Mention Award (top 5%)

Neung Ryu, Hye-Young Jo, Michel Pahud, Mike Sinclair, Andrea Bianchi

GamesBond is a pair of 4-DoF controllers without physical linkage but can create the illusion of being connected as a single device. In this project, I participated in designing mechanical hardware and implementing software applications. I also derived mathematical formulas to simulate the various connections and conducted user studies testing the device and virtual links.

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Demonstration of ElaStick: A Variable Stiffness Display for Rendering Handheld Flexible Object (SIGGRAPH Asia 2020, Emerging Technologies)

Neung Ryu, Myung Jin Kim, Andrea Bianchi

We presented an advanced version of the ElaStick in the online live demo. For this demo, I upgraded the system to use two VIVE trackers for deformation tracking and implemented a VR application that suggests various interaction scenarios using ElaStick. In addition, I used Unity shader graph and programmed custom shader to enable runtime mesh deformation and material change.

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ElaStick: A Handheld Variable Stiffness Display for Rendering Dynamic Haptic Response of Flexible Object (UIST 2020)

🏆 Best Paper Award (top 1%)

Neung Ryu, Woojin Lee, Myung Jin Kim, Andrea Bianchi

ElaStick is a variable-stiffness controller that simulates the dynamic response resulting from shaking or swinging flexible virtual objects. I conceptualized and designed the unique mechanism of the device. I also conducted technical evaluations to quantify the device's characteristics and user studies, including a JND study and a VR experience study.

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BodyPrinter: Fabricating Circuits Directly on the Skin at Arbitrary Locations Using a Wearable Compact Plotter (UIST 2020)

Youngkyung Choi, Neung Ryu, Myung Jin Kim, Artem Dementyev, Andrea Bianchi

BodyPrinter is a wearable conductive-ink deposition machine that prints flexible electronics directly on the body using skin-safe conductive ink. In this project, my main role was to design the ink extruder for the device. I also contributed to suggesting various innovative application scenarios, drawing, evaluating, and testing circuits for the application parts to function effectively.

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Selected Projects


: Rapid Fabrication Using Helical Wire Bending


: The Interactive Floatings


: A Toroidal Skin Locomotive Device

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